Psychotherapy with Adults

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People consult a therapist for many different reasons, some of which are obvious, others which are more difficult to identify. The therapist's task is to help identify and understand the personal dynamics as well as the environmental factors that have led to unhappiness and/or discomfort. Understanding oneself better in the context of one's personal history, temperament, environment, and past and present challenges allows for the development of wider perspectives. This in turn contributes to increasing the range of options one has in handling the demands of life. Making choices, grieving for what cannot be, coming to terms with one's past, deepening relationships so that significant others can be allies and not enemies, are among the many aspects of life on which therapy can have a substantial, positive impact.

The work of psychotherapy is a collaborative one in which we discuss current difficulties and/or longstanding problems in an effort to bring about needed change. I bring to the discussion, when warranted, concrete suggestions to deal with symptoms and maladaptive behaviors. Our work can be long-term or short-term, depending on your needs, availability, or simply your choice.